Table 1 Reported cases of

Table 1 Reported cases of anorectal avulsion Authors Year Title Management of the anorectal avulsion Mathieson, A. J et al. 1965 Rupture of the posterior urethra and avulsion of the rectum and anus as a complication of fracture of the pelvis Primary repair + presacral HM781-36B drainage + sigmoid loop colostomy Sharma D. et al 2000 Anorectal avulsion:

an unusual rectal injury Primary repair + presacral drainage + sigmoid loop colostomy Terrosu G. et al 2011 Anal avulsion caused Evofosfamide solubility dmso by abdominal crush injury Anal reimplantation + pelvic drainage tubes + loop transverse colostomy Rispoli C. et al. 2012 Anorectal avulsion: Management of a rare rectal trauma Direct suture not possible sigmoid loop colostomy + presacral drainage + anoperineal reparation 10 weeks later R. M. Gomesa et al 2013 Anorectal avulsion: report of a rare case of rectal injury diverting sigmoid loop colostomy (primary repair not possible) Consent Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this Case report and any accompanying images. Authors’ information School of Medicine And Pharmacy of Fez, Sidi Mohammed OSI-906 in vitro Ben Abdellah University Department of Surgery, University hospital HASSAN II, BP: 1893; Km2.200, Route de Sidi Hrazem; FEZ 30000, MOROCCO. Acknowledgements The authors

would like to thank the patient for his written consent and permission to present this case report. They would also like to thank Miss Ibn Majdoub Hassani Soukaina (Master : Multilingual Specialized Translation, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Sais-Fez /Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University) for her help in editing and correcting

this manuscript. References 1. Cintron JR: Colon and rectum trauma. http://​www.​fascrs.​org/​physicians/​education/​core_​subjects/​2006/​colon_​rectal_​trauma/​ 2. Mathieson AJM, Mann TS: Rupture of the posterior Ibrutinib supplier urethra and avulsion of the rectum and anus as a complication of fracture of the pelvis. Brit J Surg 1965, 52:309.PubMedCrossRef 3. Sharma D, Rahman H, Mandloi KC, Saxena A, Raina VK, Kapoor JP: Anorectal avulsion: an unusual rectal injury. Digestive Surg 2000, 17:193–194. PubMed: 10781991CrossRef 4. Terrosu G, Rossetto A, Kocjancic E, Rossitti P, Bresadola V: Anal avulsion caused by abdominal crush injury. Tech in Coloproctology 2011, 15:465–468. [PubMed: 21556880]CrossRef 5. Rispoli C, Andreuccetti J, Iannone L, et al.: Anorectal avulsion: management of a rare rectal trauma. Int J Surg Case Rep 2012, 3:319–321.PubMedCrossRef 6. Gomesa RM, Kudchadkara J, Araujob E, Gundawarc T: Anorectal avulsion: report of a rare case of rectal injury, letter to the editor. Ann Gastroenterology 2013, 26:1. 7.

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