Some limitations are clearly evident in our work, including the l

Some limitations are clearly evident in our work, including the lack of a systematic review of the available MK-4827 supplier evidence and the lack of a formal method for discussions. However, our identification of significant differences between recommendations based on systematic reviews developed

by scientific societies or various organizations and real clinical practice reflects current perceptions from a large number of physicians involved in real-life osteoporosis care in Spain. The Forum identified buy MK-1775 patient selection strategies, treatment rationalization and multidisciplinary team access as focus areas and recommended that changes be made. These could be implemented with minimal cost because they relate to physician behavior and patient management rather than changes to the healthcare infrastructure. The suggestions to improve continuing education programs would require

more investment but, given that among Spanish individuals, the ten-year risk for major fracture is 5.5% for women and 2.8% for men,[29] the healthcare demands, functional impairment, and quality-of-life consequences represent a considerable burden. Therefore, there is a considerably sized patient population that would benefit from an improvement, and a moderate investment to improve their management would be worthwhile. Patient selection strategies and therapy check details selection improvements have been suggested

and, most importantly, needs for organizational improvements (such as multidisciplinary team access), and educational requirements that can help design new strategies with an impact on osteoporosis care improvement, have been highlighted. Acknowledgments The author would like to thank Nycomed/Takeda for their assistance in the preparation of the various meetings and, especially, the more than 300 participants at these meetings. This study was sponsored by Nycomed/Takeda. Medical writing services were provided by Javier Mas of Edmonds SL and funded by Nycomed/Takeda. Native English editing of the manuscript was provided by Andrea Bothwell of inScience Communications, Springer Healthcare, with funding from Nycomed/Takeda. The author, Dr. Esteban Jódar Gimeno, meets the criteria for authorship as recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), was fully responsible for all content and editorial decisions, and was involved at all stages of manuscript development. The author declares no conflicts of interest that are directly relevant to the contents of this study.

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